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“ Essentials of the aviation industry ”
Aviation Obstruction Lights


Aviation obstruction lights means a “lighting system” including a warning light and a control device that notifies the pilot of an aircraft in flight that there is a dangerous obstacle.

We are supplying a variety of products, such as aviation obstruction lights with high-quality optical characteristics, solar-cell LED aviation obstruction lights, explosion-proof aviation obstruction lights, heliport systems and more.

Major Approvals & Deliveries :

November 2017    Supplied Aviation Obstruction Lights at Nuclear Power Plant in UAE

December 2017    Supplied Aviation Obstruction Lights at 2018 Pyeongchang Winter                                                          Olympic Main Stadium      

February 2018      Test verification of conformity for Aviation Obstruction Lights (ICAO                                                          Satisfaction)   

November 2018    Acquired KS (Korean Standards) certification

April 2018              Vendor registration with KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corporation)
                                for Solar powered Aviation Obstruction Lights

February 2019      Acquired IECEx (International explosion proof certification)

February 2019      Acquired KCs (Safety certification)

February 2019      Test verification of conformity for Explosion-proof Aviation   

                                Obstruction Lights (ICAO Satisfaction)

March 2019           Acquired ATEX (European explosion-proof certification)

July 2019               Acquired INMETRO (Brazil explosion-proof certification)

January 2020        Test verification of conformity for Heliport System (ICAO Satisfaction)