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This rejects even small quantity of the ions in the raw water perfectly so that the ultrapure water is produced. Raw water inlet piping & RO permeate water piping are composed of C-PVC and RO high pressure part is composed of SS316L. All operation conditions are controlled by total monitoring board. All instruments are calibrated by the national authorization. And finally the perfect ultrapure water can be produced by the sanitary and silver nano coated piping design for blocking penetration of microbes. This plant is designed by based on RO + EDI process and can be designed as 2 staged RO + EDI for producing the extreme ultrapure water. Usually, Activated Carbon Filtration and Micro Filtration (MF) process are applied as the pretreatment. Water softener which can exchange the ions for making the soft water is added in case of using hard water as raw water. Fisrtly, ions and organic matters are rejected by RO and then the EDI can reject the rest small quantity of the ions perfectly. The CIP system is sterilizing and cleaning the RO membrane definitely. EDI can be operated semi-permanently without replacing the ion exchange resin through the electro-dialysis. The deaerator or UV sterilizer can be added following the condition.

High purity water plant corresponding FDA grade


Making the ultrapure water based

on RO+EDI process

Sanitary piping design for cleaning and sterilizing

Controlling by total monitoring


FDA grade plant

No need to replace ion exchange resins by EDI

Antibacterial silver nano coating piping design


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