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FINETANK is the trusted brand name for H&L water tanks produced in compliance with WRAS approval and international standards.



FINETANK - GRP Sectional Tanks basically adapt the internally reinforced system, which ensures the better reliability and robustness. 

As an option, externally reinforced system which has no internal reinforcements also can be applied according to project's requirement. 


Reliable quality in strength and durability


Wall panels are tightened using stainless steel tie-rods and the top panels are supported with GRP pipes inside of the tank to secure the strength and stability of the tank structure. 


FINETANK_Internal Reinforcement.jpg

1. Safety guardrail with kick plate : Hot dipped galvanized steel

2. Mushroom shape air-vent with PE mesh : Ǿ50 or Ǿ100

3. Manhole with a lockable cover (Ǿ850) : Dust proof

4. Float valve chamber : 1mL*1mW*0.5mH / 2mL*1mW*0.5mH

5. Roof (Convex) : Hot press molded GRP panel (1m*1m)

6. Partition panels : To divide the tank into multi compartments

7. Roof support : Pultruded FRP

8. Inner ladder : Pultruded FRP

9. PE coated tie-rods : Stainless steel 304 or 316

10. External Ladder : HDG Steel or Stainless Steel

11. Safety hoop : HDG Steel or Stainless Steel

12. Wall : Hot press molded GRP panel (2m*1m)

13. Wall : Hot press molded GRP panel (1m*1m)

14. Assembly bolts : M10 / 12 / 14

      * Inside : Stainless steel 304 or 316

      * Outside : HDG Steel

15. External reinforcement members : HDG Steel

16. Piping nozzle : BSP or Flanged connections are available.

17. Wall : Hot press molded GRP panel (0.5m*1m) – Flat

18. Wall : Hot press molded GRP panel (0.5m*1m)

19. Bottom (Convex) : Hot press molded GRP panel (1m*1m)

20. Drain (Concave) : Hot press molded GRP panel (1m*1m)

21. Base frame :  Hot dipped galvanized steel

22. Foundation : Concrete plinth with interval of 1m span


By client's request, externally reinforced system with no internal tie-rods is available. This system allows easy access into the tank for cleaning and maintenance, and is also advantageous in the case of water quality that is likely to corrode the internal bracings

FINETANK_External Reinforcement.jpg

a.  Roof tie-rods which are fixed with the vertical

      reinforcing beams.  (HDG)

b.  Vertical reinforcing beams which are fixed with

      the steel base frame. (HDG)

c.   No internal tie-rods but only the Roof supports


By client's request, internally and externally reinforced system can be applied to assure the strength and durability of the tank's structure. As the internal materials, hygienic stainless steel and GRP are used, and as the external materials, anti-corrosive hot dipped galvanized steel is used. 

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