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GRP Sectional Water Tank

Hygenic & Durable

FINETANK is a trusted brand name for water storage tanks manufactured and supplied by H&L, serviced by staffs with decades of experience in the same field.




FINETANK - GRP Sectional Tanks made of hot press molded GRP panels and steel reinforcements are offered in various capacities of 0.5m3~10,000m3 with height 0.5m~5m and different shapes to fit into any spaces for various applications (residential/commercial buildings, water treatment plants, fire fighting, irrigation, etc.).

The GRP (Glassfiber Reinforced Plastic) panel is being made by hot press molding method by processing SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) with glassfiber mat under high temperatures up to 150 ºC and high pressure of min. 500~1500 tons (min. 45 Kgf/cm2), thus it’s durable and hygienic.

The best solution for water storage !


Easy & Speedy Construction


The standardized GRP panels and reinforcement members give operational efficiency in the transportation, on-site installation and maintenance.


Reliable Quality in Strength & Durability


We pursue the system superiority via sophisticated interpretation of hygiene, durability, rigorous design criteria, quality management, and reliable structure strength. The basis of structure analysis ensures safety factor design on limits. The finest safety factor, considering external forces expected based on property after a long-term use of over 15 years, is applied on FINETANK.


Hygienic Properties


All materials - GRP panels, steel reinforcement members and sealant etc. - used in FINETANK have high hygienic performance and are suitable for potable water. The WRAS approved non-toxic GRP panels with uniformly smooth surface finish hardly get moss and sediment, and prevent the growth of algae, fungi and bacteria by blocking sun-light transmission.


Water Tightness


The joints of each panel are perfectly sealed with foam type sealing tape which has good weathering resistance and restoring force.


Outstanding Thermal Insulation


The thermal insulation panel with 3-layer (GRP panel + PU foam + Plastic cover) structure minimizes temperature change the stored water and prevents dew condensation.


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