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The typical chemical & biological process for treating the highly concentrated industrial wastewater has lower efficiency whereas requires large area, a lot of facilities and chemicals. For solving this kind of problems, we applied the membrane separation method which is energy & chemicals saving type. After removing suspended solids through our own pretreatment system, removes the highly concentrated TDS, soluble organics and ions through NF and RO system. This plant is customized as applying the adequate method for treating the waste water under the local discharge standard after collecting and analyzing the raw water. Liquid radwaste treatment plant rejects the radioactive and non-degradable substances in rawaste from the nuclear power plant using physicochemical method. First, the ozone treatment system using the ozone which has tenfold oxidizing power more than oxygen is applied. After that, the suspended solids are rejected by MF + UF process. Remaining ions are rejected as flowing into the RO membrane with high pressure. Finally, the clean treated water is produced through the ion exchanger. So this process rarely makes the radioactive sludge in comparison with other system and this process is operated in perfectly enclosed piping so as to prevent leakage of the radioactive substances. We supply this plant with high technology based on the delivery results in the nuclear power plants of UK & USA

Customized plant for industrial wastewater treatment


Saving chemical and operation energy consumption

Minimizing installation area

Customized plant following customer's requirement

High technology based on the delivery results in UK & UAE

Minimizing the chemical and biological treatment cost

Unnecessary Perfectly enclosed

for preventing leakage of the radioactive matters


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