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Multipurpose plant purifying surface & underground water


The simple structure allows installation area is minimized and can be applicable for village water treatment plant, domestic water treatment plant and grey water reuse plant, etc.

The suspended solids and the turbid matters in the raw water are removed effectively through MF and UF as pretreatment and also microorganism, taste and odor-causing substances, nitrate nitrogen are rejected through NF or RO process as main treatment. In consequence of this process, the village water treatment plant which supplies the potable water is composed. According to the required treated water quality condition, AOP (Advances Oxidation Process) system can be added for disinfection and decoloratio effect by oxidizing the pollutant and all sorts of organic matters including nitrogen and phosphorous.


Multipurpose plant designed for various purposes 

Perfect rejection of SS through

MF process

Rejection of microoganism using

NF or RO

Economical effect as minimizing

the installation area

Eco-friendly unit minimizing the envronmental problem

Conservation of the membrane condition by auto flushing and backwashing system


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