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Looking for Water Storage Tanks in Côte d'Ivoire ?


is one of the best solutions for storing clean drinking water. 

Try and experience the durable and hygienic water tanks

supplied by H&L, the reliable name.


" FINETANK is a trusted brand name for water storage tanks manufactured and supplied by H&L, serviced by staffs with decades of experience in the same field. "

FINETANK offers a wide selection of GRP or Stainless Steel in material and rectangular or cylindrical type in shape, so you can choose a water tank that fits your installation location and purpose.

You can be assured ! Our decades-long experience in hot press molded GRP sectional water tanks business is good enough to satisfy valued customers by providing quality services from design, manufacturing, technical support and after sales service.

TOTAL SERVICE is available. On request, we provide all related items like pumps, valves, and other accessories with water tanks.

FINETANK is available in various capacities from 1m3 to over 5,000m3.
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If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us !

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